Facial Rejuvenation

Facelifts, Browlifts, Eyelid Surgery and Skin Treatments

For more information, please go to:Dr Gutowski’s Website While most people consider a “facelift” to be the answer to reversing the changes seen in an aging face, there are other options available to achieve improvement in facial appearance. When used in combination, these procedures may enhance the face and transform a “tired” and “aged” appearance […]

Chicago Plastic Surgery

The Institute for Advanced Plastic Surgery

The Institute for Advanced Plastic Surgery offers a range of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery services to the metropolitan Chicago area. The surgeons also have international referrals as well as patients who travel from other areas of the United States for consultations and treatment.

Karol Gutowski, MD

The Institute for Advanced Plastic Surgery

Dr. Gutowski is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Chicago. For a consultation by Dr. Gutowski, please call 847-570-1300. Our office will help coordinate visits for patients visiting from outside of the metro Chicago area. You may find more information on […]

Breast Reconstruction

Current Choices for Women who are Facing a Mastectomy or have Already Lost thier Breast

Every year, many women face the loss of one or both breasts because of cancer or because of having a very high risk of developing breast cancer. For these women, there are options for breast reconstruction. The right choice for each women depends on her desires and expectations, as well as her general medical condition and her unique features such as breast and body shape. For women who are facing these choices, there are answers to the frequently asked questions.

Liposuction Results

Clinical Uses of Liposuction in Body Contouring

Before undergoing liposuction, potential patients should understand what kinds of results are possible and which parts of the body can be treated.

Cosmetic Surgery

An Introduction to Cosmetic Procedures

Over the last 10 years, the growth of cosmetic medical procedures, including cosmetic surgery, resulted in many people exploring their options for an improved appearance. The aging baby-boomers wishing to maintain their youthfulness, popular television shows focusing on plastic surgery and a greater acceptance of the treatments available to reverse the effects of aging have […]